Established in 2001 Morgan Maritime will complete all documentation necessary for your Yacht either private or commercial. 

Our experts will discuss with  you and help formulate a strategy for your particular needs. 

We will implement the strategy and work with you to resolve any issues.

What we offer

  • Polish boat registration
  • Greek Charter Licence
  • Gibraltar boat registration
  • UK part 1 Yacht registration
  • Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief Registration
  • MMSI Service
  • UK Limited Company
  • Irish Limited company
  • Greek LTD / IKE / NEPA Company
  • UK Limited Company set up
  • Irish Limited company set up
  • Boat registration
  • Sailboat registration
  • Lifeboat register
  • Small ships register
  • Barge registration
  • MMSI license
  • Flag register
  • Epirb registration
  • Jet ski registration
  • Ship register
  • UK approved surveyors
  • Home ports for UK Part 1 registration

Need Help?

Morgan Maritime are experts in everything Yacht related.

What to do?

Whatever your need, registration, de registration, selling, buying, chartering, anything we can help.

what to expect?

Leave the work to us and enjoy the best of Greece worry free.

Greek EU Commercial Registration

Greek Commercial Charter Yacht Registration

Register your boat as a Greek Commercial Charter boat and work under a very favourable tax status. 

  • All application forms based on Greek authorities
  • Communication with the Greek authorities
  • The application of your Greek tax number
  • Possibly arrange your own Greek company
  • The inspection of your sailing or motor yacht
  • Taking care of your Greek tax returns
  • Your ship’s administration
  • And whatever else you will need

We will submit all required documentation to the Greek authorities and work with them to resolve any issues that may come up. We will complete Greek tax ID registration, open your own Greek based company (if you need one), can arrange a survey or inspection of your boat, work with your accountant to assist with required submissions, be on location to manage your boat needs.

Contact us for a free consultation.